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With currently 185 employees, consisting of skilled workers, chemists and engineers, we have the appropriate know-how and develop together with our customers and partners custom-fit products that meet the highest standards.

Our employees are the basis of our success.

We want to retain employees in our company for the long term and create the necessary framework conditions for this. For this reason, sustainability is the top priority of PTO's employee policy.

n this way, we specifically support the region and are aware of our responsibility as a regional employer. The entrepreneurial actions of each individual employee ensure the success of the company and thus also of the location. We break new ground and are open to change and trends – both internally and externally. In order to be able to offer our customers an optimal solution, we focus on continuous development of our products and processes. In doing so, we naturally want to be a responsible and reliable supplier to our customers and partners, as well as an attractive employer.

It is always important for us to treat each other with respect. We respect each other’s opinions and include them in our decision-making processes. We give good performance the recognition it deserves and celebrate successes together.

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