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Our raw materials

Our strengths are individual system solutions both for your products and requirements – whether standard article or custom product.

PTO provides customised solutions according to individual customer requirements.

In the first step, this is realised by selecting appropriate types of fabrics. All the fabrics supplied to us are examined in accordance with our own quality standards. This enables us to identify any problems or defects before the fabrics are coated.

We coat all common types of fabrics – our standard range comprises products made from 100 different fabrics alone. According to the properties required, we coat the fabrics with all generally available elastomers: NR, SBR, CR, CSM, NBR, but also FKM, ECO, HNBR, XNBR, butyl – and increasingly –silicone rubber.


Whether liquid or solid silicone, we process a wide range of silicon types.


Thanks to our special mixing technology for the manufacture of silicon mixtures, we can also implement settings for different fire-protection requirements. PTO possesses an extensive portfolio of many different elastomer mixtures. These are, for the most part, based on our own formulations. Where necessary, special mixtures to meet particular requirements are supplied by our certified partners. Here too, we ensure that our quality standards are complied with.




aramid and glass fabric


PA, PES, aramid or EP cord


Thanks to our extensive expertise and know-how, we can cater to special market demands and swiftly react to technological developments. At the same time, however, we attach great importance to the sustainable use of resources during the entire process.


Our processes

Our wide-ranging expertise enables us to develop your desired product using state-of-the-art technologies while ensuring a responsible use of resources.

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Our products

We produce top-quality starting products for a wide range of applications in virtually all industries. Every year, over 1.5 million m² of coated fabric leave our premises.

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