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Legal Notice & GTC

Operator, person responsible and contact person

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PTO PolymerTechnik Ortrand GmbH
Walkteichstraße 15
01990 Ortrand


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+49 35755 545 50



Managing Director:
Herr Alexander Bergk
Herr Ingolf Cedra


Commercial Register: HRB 4258 Cottbus District Court
Sales Tax ID No.: (VATIN): DE176762533


General Terms and Conditions of Business and General Terms and Conditions of Purchase

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⇓HWN406 General instructions for packaging and delivery


Online settlement of disputes:

The European Commission has established a platform for the online out-of-court settlement of disputes (OS Platform), which is available at: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr. You will find our email address in our Legal Notice. We are neither obliged nor willing to participate in these dispute settlement proceedings.




“This internet presence” denotes those websites, whose internet address/domain – consisting of top-level and second-level domain – is registered to the operator specified as the owner in the Legal Notice.

“External internet presences” are websites under other internet addresses/domains. “Operator” denotes the operator of this internet presence specified in the Legal Notice. “External operator” denotes the operator of an external internet presence.

“Data subject” is a person who visits and uses this internet presence, or who otherwise comes into (or is in) contact with the operator. “Call” is a retrieval of the internet address/domain of this internet presence by a data subject by means of a browser or other computer program for the purpose of viewing or using functionalities of this internet presence.

“Contact” is established when a person enters into (or is in) communication with the operator, or enters into (or is in) a contractual or extra-contractual relationship with the operator. “Personal data” is data that allows conclusions to be drawn in relation to the identity of a specific person.

“Non-personal data” is data that does not allow conclusions to be drawn in relation to the identity of a specific person.

An “embedding” is an area/window (e.g. IFRAME, AUDIO, VIDEO) within this internet presence, in (or by means of) which an external internet presence or parts thereof, or data stored there (such as video files), are displayed.

” A protected embedding” is an embedding, which does not immediately retrieve and display the embedded contents when this internet presence is called up – but only following the display of data protection-relevant information and the consent of the data subject.

“Cookies” are small text files generated by the technical system of an internet presence, which the system can change at each call and which the data subject’s internet browser stores on his computer. Each time the browser calls an internet presence, the content of the cookies created by that internet presence is transmitted to it.

A “special data protection relationship” exists when the operator has legitimately collected personal data from the data subject and may process and use it for a specific purpose.



The operator of this internet presence hereby expressly dissociates himself from contents on (or from) external internet presences, to which this internet presence provides links (or which are embedded in this internet presence). Although the operator of this internet presence makes reasonable efforts to regularly check these links and embeddings as well as the contents of linked and embedded external internet presences for legal violations, he is neither responsible for the contents of external internet presences nor does he have any influence on them, and he does not agree to any legal violations committed on these external internet presences. The operator of this internet presence cannot therefore assume liability for such legal violations. However, in the event of identifying (or receiving notification of) any such violations, he will immediately remove all links and embeddings to the offending external internet presences and thereafter refrain from linking to and embedding these (or similarly) offending external internet presences.


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