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Quality means more than simply meeting specifications.

Through the use of a comprehensive quality assurance in every department of the company, we ensure that quality of our products and services remain at a permanently high level and that individual customer requirements and expectations are fulfilled.

Outstanding quality

Our credo is that the customer comes first in our daily business. This also means that every day we strive to achieve the highest customer satisfaction. An essential condition is the consistently outstanding quality of our products and services. In this regard, we pay attention to the continual improvement of our processes and sensitise our employees in all areas of the company in relation to quality standards. Compliance with these standards is ensured by the integration of improvements, internal control, regular discussions as well as external audits. We pay particular attention to:


  • well structured processes,
  • precisely defined interfaces – both in-house and with suppliers,
  • KAIZEN as an integral component of the company culture,
  • availability for your concerns.